SEADAE Podcast

Dr. Julie Palkowski introduces listeners to SEADAE and how this organization supports the arts education field.


Dr. Julie Palkowski shares about social emotional learning in the arts and research for SEADAE's work.

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Dr. Dale Schmid shares about the 2020 SEADAE focus of SEL and the Arts.

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Dustin Loehr, Director of Arts Education and Title IV-A in the Arizona Department of Education and SEADAE Vice President, shares about Title IV-A implementation of quality arts education.

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Bob Morrison, CEO of Quadrant Research, and Dr. Scott Edgar, Associate Professor at Lake Forest College to share about social emotional learning and the connections to the arts.

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Dr. Maurice J. Elias, Director of the Rutgers University Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab, shares about Social Emotional Learning and it's connections to the arts.

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Karen Bradley, Associate Professor Emerita, Dance Performance and Scholarship, shares Dancing in the Community, fostering social emotional learning through movement.

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Kristi Ross- Clausen, theatre safety consultant, highlights resources for schools and communities to consider in the preparation and maintenance of safe performing arts and classroom spaces.

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Nadine Levitt, CEO and Founder of Wurrly, shares social emotional learning tips through the arts in a virtual world.

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Margot Toppen, CEO and Founder of EduMotion, shares how dance and SEL intersect and can be practiced through an equity lens to support our learners.

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